Cooking Tips – Frozen Spinach Cubes

Frozen Spinach Cubes

I love hiding this green beauty in my meals! Spinach is great because it has a mild taste, it’s packed with protein and it’s one of the world’s healthiest foods. I know a lot of people who get alarmed by the healthy & green appearance of this plant and think it’s going to taste too healthy and too green. The majority of my recipes have spinach hidden in throughout the meals, and most people can’t even taste it!

I like to cook with fresh ingredients, however it’s not always possible. I started creating these spinach and herb cubes to throw into my dishes while I am cooking. It’s been helpful because I’ve been able to cut down on my fresh produce going bad too quickly & my cooking is a little easier!

For the batch below, I blended spinach, thyme & a little bit of olive oil & water. All other fresh herbs (rosemary, parsley, sage, etc.) are great for this!


1.     Blend together spinach, herbs and a little bit of olive oil/water until thick and creamy.

2.     Pour mixture in ice cube trays.

3.     Freeze.

4.     Put the cubes into a bag that is easily accessible while cooking. This bag can last a month or two in the freezer.

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