Sushi Burrito

Sushi Burrito

I’m not sure why I had never thought of making sushi at home until now. I love sushi, but I don’t get it often because it’s expensive, and my Gluten Free husband has had issues in the past when it comes to ordering sushi at a restaurant. A lot of times sushi restaurants will mix flour in their rice to make it stickier and fill you up. I decided to try making sushi at home and it was a success! This is our favorite meal  to enjoy on the weekends. I haven’t gotten too fancy with it yet, so I just stick to easy vegetables for now. It is so yummy  and it’s a fun meal to make with your friends/significant other.

P.S. I bought the Sushi Nori paper on Amazon, and it came with a free 9in x 9in Bamboo Matt.




3 Cups Sushi Rice, cooked and cooled – Nishiki Medium Grain Rice is what I use

(I mixed the cooked rice with a splash of Lime, Sesame seeds, & Soy Sauce)

Organic Sushi Nori Premium Roasted Seaweed Paper
Alfalfa Sprouts
Sliced Carrots
Sliced Cucumber
Sliced Tomato
Spinach and Arugula Mix


  1. Lay the sushi paper on the bamboo mat.
  2. Add the cooked rice evenly over the sushi paper.  (Optional – Take a flat cutting board and press it onto the rice so it is packed and evenly on the sushi paper.)
  3. Add your favorite vegetables to the side of the mat that’s closest to you.
  4. Once you have everything ready, slowly roll the sushi paper with the bamboo mat, away from you as tight and organized as possible.
  5. Feel free to cut it into sushi bites; mine is usually too full & becomes a sushi burrito! 🙂




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  1. Great idea! These look so delicious 🙂

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